What’s your future TED Talk? Tell us on Instagram

TED-Ed Instagram

Hoverboards. Roadtrips. Why you should make something everyday. These are just a few of the ideas posted in our first #TEDEdChallenge. Here’s how to submit YOUR idea — and maybe win a prize:1. Follow TED-Ed on Instagram. Join other learners in the @tededclubs Instagram community, where we’re celebrating students — one big idea at a time.

2. Enter the first #TEDEdChallenge. If you were to speak at TED, what would you talk about? To enter the challenge, share a visual answer to this question with the hashtag #TEDEdChallenge. Feel free to submit your idea on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You might even win a prize!

3. Get inspired by other ideas. On Monday, October 26th, we’ll choose one winner at random to receive a super special TED gift bag. What will this inspiring idea be?

To find out about future TED-Ed Challenges, sign up for the TED-Ed weekly newsletter here >>

via TED-Ed Blog http://blog.ed.ted.com/2015/10/22/whats-your-future-ted-talk-tell-us-on-instagram/


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